New Year New You Workout Ideas For Home

Brandi Sharp Winter Workout Outfit Idea

December 21, 2023

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Blogger Brandi Sharp. Income disclosure, I make a small commission off of my recommendations at no extra cost to you. Thanks for reading my story.

Brandi Sharp Winter Workout Outfit Idea

Leggings/Bodysuit/Running Jacket/Shoes

I wanted to take a min just to introduce myself. I’m Brandi Sharp and I am a social media beauty and fashion blogger. I did hair behind the chair for 13 years. I have loved sharing online all my knowledge from the salon.

I moved to rural Nebraska and ended up with four kids total. While I was working at the salon I taught fitness classes at the YMCA for years. I loved the community of fitness. I miss it all the time. Now I workout out at home and take walks. Check out the stroller I power walked off all my baby weight here.

If your anything like me in the winter it is hard to keep motivated and keep changing things up. I love power walks and that really helps when you love to do something to stay motivated. The winter has obstacles so there is a time in my life I need to be working out from home.

I just add leg weight to my at home work outs and dumbbells. I have to be including weights in everything I do to maintain my shape. Im short so I just dont get the graces. LOL.

I just found some workouts on TIKTOK that Im in love with right now, this lady is getting into my spirit about protein and weights. Its funny because I will skip a meal and think I’m better off because I ate less. No girl, we need that protein. Im shooting for 135 grams a day. I know wish me luck! LOL

Lets get into the gear…

Lets go over the must haves. My husband always makes sure Im taken care of. We moved away from Kansas City from really nice gyms and he always makes sure I have the stuff I need. Thank God. Let me tell you a secret I learned from Allison Armstrong, a expert on men, she said men will pick up a second job for his wife to take care of herself.

I didn’t notice that until I got older my husband always made sure I had my workout stuff and or gym memberships. I didn’t know that this meant a lot to men. He never said a word and still doesn’t I just noticed any time I asked for this stuff he went out of his way to make sure I have what I need. ( Just Food For Thought)

My at home workout gear…

  • Pro Form Treadmill
  • Bowflex Dumbells
  • Ankle Weights
  • JBL Boom Box
  • Great Workout Clothes

Lets take a look at what I use!

Best Work Out Shoes In 2023

I want to do a tiny section on workout shoes because they are so important. I hurt my foot two years ago from stepping on a rock. There was only one shoe that protected my foot enough to get back going and it was On Cloud Cloud Monsters. If you have injured or sensitive feet I recommend these.

The shoes Im wearing now are the on clouds level 2. They are not as cushiony. I love them They are here. Coudnova. Love them. I got mine from Revolve.

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Blog Post or Freebie

Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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