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Veteran Hairstylist. Master Stylist. Makeup. Fashion. Beauty. Content Creator. Youtuber. Best Lashes. Tiktoker. Instagramer. Obsessed With My Husband. Obsessed With My Four Kids. Shop My Content In My LTK store. All Products In Videos Are Linked In LTK

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If you get overwhelmed shopping online, I'm here to help ...

Have you ever been on Pinterest and found exactly what you were looking for and couldn't buy it? Me too. Its so frustrating. Have you watched some one do a hair or makeup tutorial and couldn't find the products they used? So frustrating...  

 here's what I do:

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I post outfit ideas. Style tips. Top Sellers In Fashion. Report On Trends. Create How To Content For Hair And Makeup. And everything is at your finger tips to order.

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Your online experience shopping is going to get easier. Easily shop blog and video style posts. LTK provides you with a easy shopping experience online.

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My blogs go deep into product knowledge. They provide lists and outfit and beauty details. They provide the how and why with the products your looking up online

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“Glamqueen I have learned so much from you! I'm 37 and your methods and style work for me! Your methods work” 


Im obsessed with everthing I recommend to you guys. 

I love researching products and finding the BEST! Its a joy for me. I love sharing the best. Makeup. Clothes. Hair. Products. All pros need great products to bring their visions to life! We need great product recommendations to achieve the looks we want to achieve.  

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3 Mistakes With Concealer

My #1 Video Content. Love it or hate it this is the list of mistakes you might be making with your makeup routine...


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Learn Social Selling

Find out if selling beauty products online is for you. Could you imagine yourself sharing your favorite products online. 


Whats Happening In Network Marketing

Stay up to date with what the top influencers are doing in the Network Marketing Community


Mistakes You Might Be Making

My #1 Viral Video On Mistakes you might be making in your makeup!



Helping women find the best products! Inspiring


I have spent my career finding out what looks the best. I built a business around finding out what looks the best and learning the techniques to execute. Then I share it with others. I love helping women look their best! 

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women to create a life they

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This business will revive all those beauty skills you have. So many women have the skills and talents to grow this business! Join Me

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