The Shocking Truth Behind the Most Profitable Aesthetic Trend: The Mob Wife Look

January 23, 2024

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Photos By Blogger Brandi Sharp. Please note this post contains affiliate links that are at no extra cost to you. This is a inspirational post.

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Mob Wife Aesthetic and Outfits: Embracing the Glamorous Trend Of The Bosses Wife

The mob wife aesthetic is blowing up right now. I have viral content on several platforms right now over the mob wife aesthetic. I was early to the trend because it really is my style. I have shared with you ladies before Im dressy. I have really needed to scale things down since my kids are in school and I work from home. (Its been a challenge)

I am still very dressy and I love my gold jewels. And you best believe I’m wearing that faux fur err day!!! LOL. I didn’t need to make mob wife content because this aesthetic is me to the T. My mind set about the mob wife is that she is married to the boss. She is taken care of and has the best of the best.

I have watched several posts on Tiktok about how when a husband and wife come up they buy furs. LOL. Very funny, I get my aesthetic from working in expensive salons. It just became apart of my daily style. We had to wear black daily. And adding gold just seemed natural.

In this post, we will explore the elements of the mob wife trend and how to incorporate it into your own personal style.

The allure of the mob wife is wealth. The furs, the jewelry, and the daily glam.

Here are some mob wife aesthetic must haves!

  • Bold Gold Jewlery
  • Faux Furs
  • Bold Animal Prints
  • Belted Looks
  • All Black Paired With Gold Accents
  • French Tip Nails
  • Big Volumous Hair
  • Makeup With A Bold Lip
  • Expensive Black Boots

Dressing the Part: Outfit Ideas for the Modern Mob Wife

Outfit example bodycon dress, and pair this look with faux fur bold gold accessories. Shop this look here:

Hair, Nails, and Makeup: Perfecting the Look

The bosses wife is already ready. She is dressy everyday. The hair and nails are just done. All the clothes match and its just always elevated. Even the pjs are elevated. Silk and satin, and ready to see the boss when he gets home. Glam everyday, always taken care of. She just has the best. That is the bosses wife.

Did you know it used to be considered tacky if a women in middle class dressed up, if she wasn’t wealthy? Why do you think that is. There is a battle on social media over clean girl and mob wife. Mob wives are just always a mob wife. I don’t think I have ever been a clean girl. I am always craving the extras. Can you relate?

Lets look at some mob wife hair, nails and makeup:

Wife Encouragement

I encourage you to bring out your inner bosses wife this year. You are craving those luxury looks after spending too much time in leggings. Pull out the faux furs with that athleisure and feel like a million bucks everyday with just a coat!

Then add some gold jewelry everyday! Little changes will have the boss calling any min. Lol. He will be asking about those red satin pjs you had on last night! Its a dressy mindset. Embrace that.

I encourage you to leave a comment, sharing your thoughts on this trend and any personal tips for incorporating it into daily fashion. I want to hear from you.

Are you already a Mob Wife or are you Inspired to become one? Let me know…

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