Makeup Mistakes Most Women Over 30 Are Making

Brandi Sharp Beauty and Fashion Blogger

September 28, 2022

I’m Claire.
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So you decided to wear makeup and level up your look.

You bought all the bells and whistles and even had a makeup artist get you ready with awesome products.

You were determined to get ready every morning and be your most beautiful self.

You get all your makeup on and you have this strange feeling like you look worse.

How could this be…

I bought the best products. I had the makeup artist. Your defeated. Your tempted to start hating the makeup life and start wearing none and talk yourself into being the noble women who wears none.

But your actual reasons for wearing makeup were very innocent, you were just trying to improve a few things.

Ok, I’m here to tell you just a few mistakes were made. I’m going to introduce you to some concepts and some little mistakes that actually make a big difference!

I did the same thing and I came out ok, well better than ok. I teach this stuff now for a living.

Lets Fix It…

Mistake #1: You are not using makeup tools and makeup brushes, and if you are they are not correct.

The first mistake most women make is they use their fingers to apply product. This may work for a tiny group of women! Not most. Why? Because full coverage products need to be pressed into the skin with dense brushes. Fingers can not work product into the skin like the product was designed to do. A full coverage concealer needs to be worked down into the skin to produce coverage. The finger can not get into the places that need to be covered like the deep corner of the eye. You need to be applying product with the correct brush.

Mistake #2: Your not taking enough time to keep working the products into the skin.

I hear all the time from women who say I can see the product sitting on top of my skin or wrinkles. Here is what’s happening, the products are not worked into the skin. You need to spend more time working it in. When you think your done your not, keep working it in. You want makeup in the skin, not on top of it. If the product won’t penetrate the skin its not the right product for your skin type. Contact me for help on getting matched up correctly.

Mistake #3: They are layering heavy makeup products on their fine lines and wrinkles.

If your concealer or foundation is enhancing your fine lines and wrinkles your placing it incorrectly. We need full coverage products to cover skin imperfections. But we need to place them correctly. For example concealer is heavy and should not be placed directly on delicate skin. However it still should be used, just not to the extent most use it. All women would benefit from a full coverage concealer, it makes such a huge difference. Just skip the triangle application method.

Mistake #4: Your Using To Much Product.

If you spent any kind of money on beauty products that are worth a dime, and your struggling with them USE LESS! Expensive products are dense with pigment, so use less and work them into your skin.

Try these tiny hacks and let me know if this helped. I’m sure we can get you going the right direction on your makeup life. You should be using your core products with full confidence! \

Ok I have some recommendations just in case your missing some things from your makeup bag. I am giving a disclaimer I make commissions on my recommendations. I love making educational content and this contributes to my income as a beauty professional.

My Favorites:

Best Full Coverage Concealer For Dark Circles All Women need a great concealer.

Best Full Coverage Stick Foundation Stick Foundation is great for most skin types and combination skin.

Best Full Coverage Liquid Foundation Liquid foundation is wonderful for over 30 skin and dry skin types.

Best Brush For Foundation You Need This You need a foundation brush no questions asked.

Best Brush For Concealer The tiny brush gets into dark corners and creates shapes. You need one!

If you need matched or have any questions contact me on Instagram. Or If you want to just brows and shop my makeup store click here.

I have so much beauty content, make sure you are following me on my social media sites. I hope I helped someone today! Thanks for being here!


Brandi Sharp

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  1. Croghan says:

    This was great info! Thanks Brandi!

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