How To Find Your Perfect Style Of Clothing

September 21, 2023

I’m Claire.
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How to find your style. Personal style by Brandi Sharp

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Lets start with why you should find out your personal style…

  • Its more affordable
  • Its easier
  • It takes up less of your time to get ready
  • You always have something to wear
  • All Your stuff matches

When I worked in the salon everything matched down to my shoes. Like the accents on my shoes. I’m still like this but I don’t work outside the home so my clothes are more casual. I still have the same style however the clothing I wear is appropriate to my environment.

I also used to have to wear all black most of the time to protect my clothes from stains and color. I wear much lighter colors now that I am working from home.

My personal style is edgy with a touch of glam and I have four kids. LOL.

I love high collars, leather jackets, sunglasses, designer bags, leather shoes, and high contrast outfits. I also love glam. Which glam to me is golds, jewelry, fur, ruffles, statement earrings, and luxury. LOL. You put these together and you’ll see me walking down the street.

I also have four kids and two of them are under 5…

So now I mix in reality. LOL. And I think I do it well.

Not only that the blog and all the stuff I do online just keeps me in it. Some times we get in situations or seasons in our lives we lose some of our personal loves. I didn’t. I kept going. I remember when I was having my kids I was like I’m just going to make one youtube video a week and go back to mom life, which is what I wanted.

You can cultivate things in your life and it doesn’t have to consume everything. The most wonderful things are not all or nothing. I feel like that is why I love beauty and fashion so much, its like a little area of just bliss. Its not that serious and it is a really wonderful outlet.

Don’t give up your personal style no matter the season your in. Try to find little ways to keep it with you until your season changes. Personal style is a love letter to the world. I LOVE THIS!

I LOVE THIS is how you should feel about everything you buy…

And if your going on shopping sprees every weekend your a shopaholic not a stylish woman. LOL. Style is massively intentional. Your playing the long game. Target hauls are over. LOL.

I told you your life is about to get easier.

Things to not do when your finding your style and investing…

  • Large shopping sprees
  • Target Hauls
  • Buying clothing just because it is on sale
  • Changing your core style because something is cute ( does this match my other things)
  • Buying things that dont fit exactly right

Ok I have left you with some food for thought. I wont overwhelm you with a huge post. Please subscribe to my email list so you can see everything we come out with. Subscribe Here

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My top blog post right now is how to style the Chelsea boot read about that HERE

What is your personal style, leave me a comment!!

Brandi Sharp

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