Game Day Outfit Ideas For Fall 2023

September 20, 2023

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Brandi Sharp Game Day Outfits

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Lets Be Super Cute For Game Day MMM’K

Lets be real, if your a Mom this may be your only outing this week! LOL. This post is not about workwear. And to be honest Im not a work wear kind. LOL. When I worked it was in the salon and we be wearing all kinds of things. LOL.

I miss the salon because of the individuality that was so highly encouraged, we all had such strong personal style and it attracted our perfect client. I’m so passionate about personal style and why it matters. That’s another blog post…

I work from home and I style everyday. I take pictures everyday. I learn so much just from pictures about correct fit and cuts. The art of photography is a skill set I didn’t know that was vital to online work. I bring my clients on a visual journey. Welcome to my blog.

I believe in making everyday count. The game day matters, look and feel your best. When you go to your kids events know these are also your events. This is your life, look your best.

Ok so for game day I love to add the edge and keep it super conservative and beautiful. We need beauty everyday. Start cultivating I LOVE THIS into your everyday life. Thats what I do!

Brandi Sharp Game Day Outfit Ideas

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Grab the zip ups in your school colors or game day colors…

For the vests and sweaters grab them in your school colors! I just wore this to football last night!

Brandi Sharp Game Day Outfits

This is my favorite look, shop here

Ok lets talk about this sweater jacket! Im Obsessed and I want this for you!!! LOL. The white is sold out, but grab this in you school color and send me a message on the gram. LOL! The gold and the zippers with the bright colors, just grab it! I’m wearing a medium and I am 5’3 145 pounds.

Take a look at the jackets here

Brandi Sharp Game Day Family Picture Outfit Ideas


This is my family going to football and me wearing the jacket. We all have team colors on and we are just ready to go. I have a camera stand ready to go because I blog daily! I hope I gave you some game day inspiration!

Im going to share some game day favorites that caught my eye for basketball season coming up! Browse and enjoy!

I love to add vests and jackets to add some edge to your game day outfits. Wearing a solid color underneath a vest looks so good. I recommend layering looks. Lets take a look at some vests that look good with your game day colors.

Lets go over some hats to layer your look with. I went in and picked the best hats at the lowest price. I couldn’t believe the stylish hats from Kohls that I found. The beanies will look stylish with all your game day pieces.

I wanted to share my favorite shoes with you for game days. I love a trendy shoe or boot for game days. Here are my game day favorites.

And in close my game day basics and staples. In my LTK the sweater I wore for my sons game was a top post. Let me share my personal closet staples…

Brandi Sharp Game Day Outfit Ideas

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Brandi Sharp Game Day Outfit Ideas

Shop This Post Here

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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