How To Balayage At Home With Stylist Brandi Sharp

November 5, 2022

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First thing is first, you can do this but I will say it will take six months of consistent use of these products and you will be well on you way to salon balayaged hair.

The number one thing that should be taken into consideration is how much hair color you have on your hair already. The main reason you struggle achieving this look in the salon or at home is hair color already on the hair.

I have worked behind the chair for 15 years and constant dyeing hair dark causes the most problems. You cant really ever get it natural looking again. DONT DO IT!!! I haven’t done a all over color in 15 years on my hair. I do grey coverage every 8 weeks and only on my regrowth and I balayage my ends.


Do retouches and lightly brush your ends with lightener and in six months you will have people asking how you transformed.

Balayage is how I grew a massive high end clientele and I told all of them the same thing, give me six months and promise me you wont all over color your hair again!

The results…

This one client amazed me. She was so skeptical of the price ( balayage is very expensive) I told her think of this as a expensive pair of jeans. You will always have them and they will always look good.

It took three appointments to get through her dark hair dye and before her last lightening appointment and she said I was stopped at the grocery store and asked about my hair, she said Brandi that has not ever happened to me.

Im like please listen to me…

Stop doing all over hair colors! Forever!

Back to can you do this at home…

Yes… here is what I want you to try, start with the front of your hair in tiny pieces with the kit I share below.

Do tiny pieces. That is the trick with Balayage.

If you have grey hair retouch the regrowth only.

Then go in with the kit I recommend and section off the front of hair and take the tiniest pieces and lighten. Work in tiny sections. The size of a pin head. Don’t worry about being perfect, balayage is a free hand painting method. It doesn’t need to be perfect! The pieces need to be tiny and don’t need to go up to the root.

Cover grey and then get out kit and start working.

If you have dark hair you could retouch first and a couple days later go in with your kit and balayage so you can leave the lightener on longer so it has a chance to get lighter.

This is my Balayage List, I recommend all these products just like if you were my client in the salon. This is a income and affiliate disclosure. I make small commissions on my links at no cost to you.

Come find me on my other social media sites for short form video content and how tos.

Here is the balayage list https://a.co/bSSc0UX

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Brandi Sharp

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