Flattering Ways To Wear Cropped Clothes In Womens Fashion

January 9, 2023

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We Are Going To Survive The Cropped Clothes Trend And Look And Feel Awesome!

The cropped looks have taken over as a top trend.

They have many women questioning…

Are cropped tops even appropriate?

Have no fear your favorite Stylist is here…

You can pull these looks off at any age and size and Im going to share some tips to keep you covered…LITERALLY covered.

Tip #1 Look for cinched waists in a cropped top and size up. This tip will keep you completely covered plus it will cinch your waist.

One thing that is nice about the high waisted pants and cropped tops is both actually can emphasize the smallest part of a women’s body, her high waist. Done correctly this look can be really flattering.

Tip #2 Avoid Skin Tight Clothing

In this trend make sure the top is cinched waistline. Skin tight clothing with this trend will have the look take on a different vibe! The one your trying to avoid. LOL. Also when the crop top is not cinched it makes you appear shapeless and its a unflattering look.

Tip #3 Pair With High Waisted Leggings Or Jeans

this is must or the whole outfit falls apart. This keeps you covered, on trend, and it is flattering. On thing about the high waisted pants trend is it hits the smallest part of the waist, that’s a good thing.

Tip #4 Start Wearing Jackets

It layers your look and they are so flattering. None of us are perfect but when you learn how to dress for your body type you will be able to wear every trend. Wearing a jacket with this trend will give you grace in areas you don’t want high highlighted.

Jackets give you a straight line in places you didn’t have a straight line before. Lumps and bumps covered! Back to loving trends and looking great no matter what size you are with clothes that flatter and are on trend.

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