3 Easy Winter Outfit Ideas To Pull You Out Of Your Dull Winter Funk

Stylist Brandi Sharp

January 5, 2023

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I’m going to share three ways to instantly level up all your drab winter clothing without having to do a clothing haul. Its surprisingly easy to restyle your winter clothing.

Have you ever looked at your clothes and just been like I feel so frumpy and washed out.

Me too.

As a stylist I always followed the capsule wardrobe ideas. I recommend you also research those ideas of investing in pieces that all have the same vibe and can be mixed and matched within your own closet so you can quickly get dressed and match.

You will love the results of this. Im not kidding, Target hauls wont even tempt you. Unless your hauling basic neutrals.

If your looking at your clothes and are like I need a massive haul. Here are three things that will change everything fast.

Coats Or Coatigans

Consider getting a new coat or jacket that will go with most things you own. Im obsessed with the tan coats because they literally made me feel so chic and sophisticated with just my athletic wear! I went ahead and ordered some cool hats to just get super into the cool vibe of a tan coat!

I have a helpful blog about tan coats for winter here. Tan Coats Blog Post

What is a coatigan?

It is not as heavy as coat but has much more structure than a cardigan. I hate cardigans by the way. LOL.

Im short and curvy and they hit all the wrong places. They are incredibly unflattering pieces of clothing. The flimsy fabric sticks to my curves and does nothing to help me out. No thanks.

Women gravitate to them because they think they are covering up and comfortable. No. Grab structured clothing thats comfortable. Gravitate back to jackets and coats.

Coatigans are going to give you comfort, warmth, and structure. It gives you power to create shape! And look comfy and awesome.

Examples of coatigans..


Sunglasses just give style and edge immediately. And the styles are endless in sunglasses, so you can really create a massive vibes with sunglasses. And avoid some crazies while your in your vibe. LOL. Im a mom of four so I cant spend a lot on sunglasses because my kids ruin my glasses and gubber them up. I always get prong free so when Im talking to people my glasses are not uneven. Lol. Style tip, prong free is easier!

Trendy Bag

As you know a bag can take you places. Im a mom of four so Im not going to the club or business meeting so I turn to very functional and standout trendy. The bag with a coat can just make such a huge statement. So much power in your bag and coat together. Its your style. Pick something that is you. Are you business? Are you Momming hard right now? Are you obsessed with gym life? Are you a little of everything? You can find a bag that represents your style and showcase it without redoing your entire wardrobe. Im obsessed with my Coach crossbody. It has me on trend with such style! My husband complimented it immediately when I first bought it. Its edgy but appropriate for everything we do right now.

One Last Note…

Remember revamping your look takes time. Its absolutely worth being super intentional about everything you buy so it represents your style and all your stuff goes together. Keep that in mind when you shop. When your intentional it shows. Successful people plan. Im so glad you stopped by my slice of the internet have a great week!

Brandi Sharp

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