Fall Fashion Trends 2023 In LTK With Brandi Sharp

Brandi Sharp Concert outfit ideas

August 24, 2023

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Brandi Sharp

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Lets get into top fall fashion trends in 2023

  • Flannels
  • Skirts and Skorts
  • Large tote leather bags
  • Matching sets
  • The chelsea boot
  • Combat boots
  • High socks mid calf
  • High end sneakers
  • Athleisure
  • Hybrid jeans and cargo style pants
  • Ugg boots
  • Bomber Jackets

Fall is the best time for fashion! Flannels, leather, huge bags and layered looks oh my! My favorite piece of clothing in fall is a leather jacket. I love the edgy vibe of the jacket and its so versatile that it really just screams fall.

What is your favorite fall must have???

I seen the funniest meme about how we think we love flannels, until we put on and a instant frumpy feeling comes over us. I had to create some content about the must of styling a flannel. You guys responded! Pair that flannel with leather!

Just so you know something about me. I belt everything, like even my athleisure. LOL. Its just me, its my style. Do you have something in your style that just makes you…you?

Cinching the waist is such a lost art you guys. Cinch. Cinch. Cinch. LOL. I am short and I need to be cinching with my belt. Our high waist is screaming to be cinched and styled. Helllllo fabulous.

Skirts are so underrated. A great leather skirt can be dressed up and down, and belted and turned into a insanely gorgeous outfit for all occasions. Even weddings. Any top can be belted with this skirt and you can really change the vibe of the outfit with a completely different top. Its like creating a dress.

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This is a number one look from my LTK

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The Chelsea Boot blog stayed #1 all summer long you guys! My clients are intentional shoppers. Im so grateful for you guys.

Small income disclosure, I make a small commission off of my recommendations at no extra cost to you.

Lets take a look at the top fall fashion trends in LTK and Amazon this week! Thanks for browsing with me!

Brandi Sharp Top LTK Creator
Athleisure outfit ideas

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brandi sharp
Athleisure outfit ideas
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Brandi Sharp Athleisure Outfit Ideas

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Thanks for browsing with me ladies! I appreciate you!

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Brandi Sharp

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