Boyfriend Jeans VS The Skinny Jean

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January 16, 2023

I’m Claire.
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Ok, if your anything like me you are considering other options than just the skinny jean. Or at least adding some different options into the mix.

Boyfriend jeans are #1 search for jeans online. I seen the funniest video about how millennials wont leave the skinny jean. I literally laughed out loud. I’m like this is me she is talking to. LOL.

Why We Love The Skinny Jean

Because they are flattering. Especially for short people. I’m 5’3 and curvy. I’m curvy, even when my thinnest. Its just how my body is, I accept it, and dress accordingly.

Skinny jeans just fit me. LOL. I like most I try on, so there is a ease factor with them. Most women hate trying on denim. So when they find something that works they keep going back for that fit.

Remember those jeans cards you used to get from the Buckle with the fit and style that WORKS. That’s why women love skinny jeans. They worked and most looked good. According to searches boyfriend jeans are topping the charts.

Im taking you on this journey with my blog and videos. We are going to explore other jean options together. Im going to share with you what is working and why. So you know what to look for when you shop.

What is the boyfriend fit?

The Boyfriend jean is more of slouchy relaxed fit. The crotch area is looser. But the jean is quickly evolving, your going to see this jean continue to evolve into tapered fits. I have some options from Silver jeans that are tapered and not so slouchy for us shorties.

The boyfriend jean is getting people to cross over and out of the skinny. I believe its because of its high waist and its forgiveness in the hip and lower belly.

They are giving forgiveness in areas women worry about. And it has kind of a adorable factor, I look at pictures of the boyfriend jeans and I’m like


I ordered some so we are going on this journey together.

But Monday is the biggest day in LTK to shop. I have massive data! I only share with you! Make sure you subscribe to my list because I do weekly hauls and dish the TOP SELLING PRODUCTS in fashion and beauty.

You ladies know I worked behind the chair for 13 years with my clients. I loved the salon but now I’m helping you online with everything I have learned.

I’m so grateful for you ladies. The transition online has been a journey and I have had some ride or dies that have really helped me keep going. Thank you!

Ok back to the boyfriend jean top picks in LTK in 2023

Look through these top picks and see if any inspire you. I did pick more tailored looking jeans from the top picks on LTK. But my Amazon picks are baggier. Look through and see what resonates

Top Selling Amazon Jeans

What Im looking into buying with commentary

I hope you found this post helpful. I do these hauls all week. I share organized detailed lists of top sellers in beauty and fashion. Please if I helped at all please click follow on my LTK store front. Thank you ladies! I will be sharing pictures this week of my new jeans! See you tomorrow!

Brandi Sharp

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