Best Of The Best Fall Fashion Trends 2023

Brandi Sharp Fall Outfit ideas

October 17, 2023

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Brandi Sharp fall outfit ideas in womens fashion

Vests and Layered Looks For Fall Fashion!

Top selling vests in 2023 With Brandi Sharp

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I’m taking you on a look back in the last 30 days are sharing my top selling content! The top trends in women’s fashion in fall 2023. We are getting ready for winter in the Midwest and vests will lasts us for the next six months. They are a top trend for winter and fall! I love layering vests. Lets get inspired with some picture inspiration.

Brandi sharp Camping outfits fall outfit ideas

Shop This Layering Vest Combo

I just went cold camping with my family this last weekend! What a experience! I did like it regardless of being cold. I defiantly need to invest in camping wardrobe, I will be blogging about that!

I ended up layering the hoodie and vest and was obsessed. Another thing I put together was the hat layered with the stocking hat. When I was checking out at the store the gentleman said what a cool combo, I never thought to do that!

Brandi Sharp Stylist. Moto Jackets and Moto Boots

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Moto wear is a top trend in fall 2023

This my second top post in the last 30 days for fall fashion. The jacket has shoulder pads and I’m convinced shoulder pads on short people do magical things. It gives such structure and shape.

I wear gold and invest in gold everything, have you ever heard gold is the only element in heaven. LOL. If the jacket has silver accents I don’t buy it. All your stuff should match. Its way easier in the long run and matchy matchy is stylish!

Lets look at some top selling moto bags, jackets and boots…

Last top post! It is the athleisure zip ups! You guys are obsessed! Check out the top post in LTK this week

Brandi Sharp Fall Golf Outfit Ideas
Shop Brandi Sharp Skirt Outfit Ideas

I love the zip ups because they are edgy comfortable and warm. I live in the Midwest and its cold here. Its October and it has gotten cold. I wear these everyday for school games and pick ups. They have great shape and structure. You can absolutely be stylish and comfortable. Lets check out the top sellers this week.


You ladies are planners. You are planning for the next season. You love everything ranging from Moto to Athleisure. I hope you enjoyed browsing with me! Please smash follow on my LTK here


Brandi Sharp

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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