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April 26, 2024

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Amazon Must Have Essentials Women's Shorts With Brandi Sharp Free People shorts are pictured on Beauty and fashion blogger

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Ladies, are you ready to elevate your summer fashion game?

Welcome to my summer launch. Im so excited to bring you my summer picks this early. Its still cold in Nebraska when Im writing this, but on the warm days I style and go out and shoot.

My favorite looks right now are casual, but super pulled together. I am matchy matchy and I love flattering clothing. When your 5’2 you gotta be picky girl. There is a reason models that are 5’9 look good in everything! Most clothes look good on them.

Im convinced that is the reason people follow certain people on social media is because now you are able to follow people who have similar style and picks you like.

Im going to share my must have shorts and why. From casual to some dressier options and at the end of the post I will share some things that are in my cart for summer.

I will also share some denim shorts that I love from Amazon. My customers really love amazon so this summer anything I needed I really researched and found my staples on Amazon.

“The Best Shorts for Every Body Type”

The free people shorts are so flattering. The cinch waist is really what sets them apart. I couldn’t believe how flattering they are. One style tip I would give for shorts is dont be afraid to size up in shorts in skirts to get that modest comfortable look. This is a mindset shift that you can get more comfort out of shorts and skirts if you size up.

In the picture I’m wearing a large at 145 pounds.

Have you ever felt like a busted can of biscuits in shorts, sizing up really solves that.
Brandi Sharp Free People Shorts

Shorts| Hat | Belt Bag

This look is so casual but still very stylish. The top is lululemon and the shoes are on cloud from revolve. I wear hats in the summer alot to keep the sun off my face at all times and keep my hair out of my eyes. You will love these shorts because of the cinching effects. They really are high waisted and focus on the smallest part of the waist. Im wearing a large. Shop the post here . I wanted to mention I also just ordered the skirt in red for a casual cinched look.

Lightweight and Stylish: Must-Have Casual Shorts

When its hot we love that easy breezy fell to our shorts. I do not like clingy clothes when its warm out. These are some top sellers in my amazon store front right now.

Elevate Your Style: Dressy Shorts for Any Occasion”

Ladies I shared that I love my ALO shorts and to be honest I can dress up these looks and and dress them down. When I tell you they are worth it I mean it. I went from a large to medium this year. These skirts and shorts are so flattering and the comfort is top notch. I do like to size up in skirts and shorts because I dont like it clinging to me when I golf or go to baseball.

ALO shorts with Brandi Sharp

This is the ALO skirt in a size large! I ordered a new one in a medium. You can dress it up or down. ALO skirt.

I will share here the denim shorts I bought and hope this helps narrow down your search for denim shorts here.

I hope I helped narrow down some looks for you! I love to style and take the pictures, Im so grateful for you ladies! Thank you for trusting my top picks!


Brandi Sharp

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