Amazon Fashion Haul: LTK’s Top Picks This Week

February 24, 2023

I’m Claire.
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Amazon Fashion Haul: Haul: LTK’s Top Picks This Week

Discover your top picks in fashion, beauty and lifestyle products this week! Get an exclusive look at your favorite items and shop the latest trends with LTK. Let’s get our style on! #beauty #fashion #style #LTK

I have been on social media for years, but I really needed a permanent place on the internet for my content. Making recommendations takes alot of time and effort and I want to invest in a longer term content creation. Making videos that disappear in a couple weeks was very disheartening. So I have added the blog.

I’m still learning how to link everything! I am always learning in this social media world. I just found out my Youtube videos are on discord. I’m like what is that and why are they on this site. LOL. I really dont even have time to research it. I’m just sharing with you because that is what I would share with a friend who kind of cared about what I do online. And its weird and funny!!! Glad your here, so we can laugh about this crazy…

Ok back to Amazon Fashion Haul:

Picture #1

This is my #1 post in LTK. I would size up on this sweatshirt, it is cropped and has tons of great structure. Sizing up will put some more length on the sweatshirt. The leggings are my #1s. They are better that Athletas because they are thick and cover imperfections.

Picture #2

Coatigans are still number one in my storefront. The picture with the coat is my top clicked and they are after the coatigan. I am wearing a extra small for a fitted tailored look. Lots of women are leaning towards the oversized look so if that’s you stay true to size!

Picture #3

You guys love Amazon. Could you take a min. If your reading this to let me know why you love it in my comments. You ladies love shopping collages. I think its because you can quickly look through a post and see if its something that you have been needing. I’m not sure, could you let me know in the comment section.

The green shirt is so stylish you guys its a must have!!! Any shape and size. Size up if you want more length! So good! Such a tailored athleisure look!

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Your love for Amazon is high…

Im going to be honest I found that surprising. But what you like matters the most to me as a Stylist! So here are the top Amazon Fashion Picks this week. People are getting ready for spring and are already looking at dresses and shorts. Take a look!

Im getting the ruffled shirts and some dresses!

Amazon Spring Fashion From My LTK

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Blog Post or Freebie

Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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