Stop Concealer From Creasing With Brandi Sharp

The quickest way to stop your concealer from creasing is your application method. I share in all my content that its so important with concealer. Concealer is a very thick heavy product which is good when your looking for full coverage makeup. Most women are not handling the product well. They are not applying it correctly.

You need a tiny brush to work concealer in properly. You also need to be working the product into your skin for a good length of time. Most are stopping to soon and the product is still sitting on top of the skin.

Focus applying concealer in the inner corner of eye and work the product up into the corner with your tiny brush. Also work the concealer down along side your nose. You will love how this turns out! As shown in the video below, always apply product on the hardest surface of skin and then work out with a tiny brush!

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