I documented DIY Eyelash Extensions For A Year! You Can Do This-Save Thousands!

October 2, 2023

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Learn lash extensions from home and start saving money with Brandi Sharp.

Brandi Sharp DIY Lash Extensions From Home Tutorial

Article And Photo By Brandi Sharp

If you tried to put on lash extensions yourself and failed or you haven’t even bothered trying because you think it looks crazy hard I’m gonna change your mind today! Mmm’K

In this article you will learn

  • What are DIY LASH extensions
  • Can You Do Them At Home Yourself
  • Is It Safe
  • Why You Failed In The Past
  • Is it possible to do lash extensions on yourself?
  • How long do DIY lashes stay on?
  • What do you need to do your own eyelash extensions at home?
  • What lashes last 10 days?

My story of how I become a DIY lash expert is this. I worked in the hair salon as a stylist for 13 years with clients and the best beauty products in Kansas City. My husband got called to work in the country and we packed up my beautiful salon suite and moved to the country. You can read more about me here

I wore strip lashes everyday to the salon and was surrounded by lash techs. I have never got lash extensions done professionally for several reasons.

  • I constantly itched my eyes because of contacts
  • I had just had my second baby and had no time to be in a chair getting lashes put on for two hours
  • I didn’t want to invest when I was a eye itchier, they fall out if touched and they are expensive

When we moved I ended up with four kids and felt that the lash strips looked Like to much for me and the car pool lane. I was really starting to get interested in the waking up with lashes on.

I had two problems

  • My location, I would have to drive hours to get them done
  • My time, I had four kids! Lol. Who has time for that 2 hour chair time

I seen a woman on Instagram doing the most beautiful lashes herself and I was like I’m going to try this. I documented the whole journey on YouTube and if your interested in a long story shortened, watch here.

Lets get into the questions…

What Are DIY Lash Extensions?

They are lash clusters that are applied underneath the lashes instead of the top. They require a special glue that will allow the lashes to stick for 3-10 days depending on each companies claims.

Can You Do Them At Home Yourself…

Absolutely! What will that require?

  • patience
  • A Sunday afternoon
  • the best beginner products

Is It Safe?

I personally have experienced the least amount of irritation ever since this method. You absolutely need a lash remover! Those glues need to be removed with a special remover. The only one I have found that works the absolute best is Lashifies remover. I no longer use their lashes but to be honest I have never found a better remover. Honest Beauty Blogger Here!

What lashes last 10 days?

Ten day lashes are absolutely doable. I recommend learning how to get them to stay on for 3 days first and them move into advanced techniques. Please watch my Biggest Mistakes Video to see what is going wrong Here

What do I need to start DIY Lashes From Home

Lashes 12-14mm is the best length to start with. Don’t go short they are so hard to put on!

You need a surgical tweezers, this is a huge secret of mine! These tweezers are a game changing tool, ditch the wands!! They make it so hard!

I’m going to showcase what you need to get started as a beginner below, please keep in mind I make a small commission off of my recommendations at no extras cost to you.

The most important thing is your bond!!!

Beginner Must Haves

Lash Starter Kit

Tweezers Here

14mms for Beginners, my pick for you

Absolute Best Glue/Bond For A Beginner

Take a look at the products in a shopping window.

In Conclusion…

You can do this. It will take time and some effort. It is so worth it, and its saves you so much time and money. And all the makeup you get to skip! I mastered this in rural Nebraska! You can do this!!

DIY lashes at home with Brandi Sharp. Beauty and Fashion Blogger

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Brandi Sharp

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